Gain Pro X roadmap

In progress


This roadmap section shows the current year's progress and future improvements and additions:

In progress

  • Project Research

    The Gain Pro X blockchain journey begins with initial idea conception, followed by test development, security and scalability enhancements, public release, continuous improvement, and ecosystem expansion.



  • Phase 1

    Q3 2023

    -Release GPRX Core Wallet
    -Create Social Media
    -Create Document
    -Explorer for GPRX
    -Submit Mining Pool
    -Listing On Xeggex



  • Phase 2

    Q4 2023

    -Listing on various coin tracking platform sites
    -Listing on Medium Exchanges
    -started building a game-hub framework


  • Phase 3

    Q1 2024

    -Development Game-Hub
    -Creating Game
    -Testing Integration


  • Phase 4

    Q2 2024

    -Public Beta Testing Play to Earn Game with Game-hub
    -Testing Integration


  • Phase 5

    Q3 2024

    -Seek and gather players and game creators
    -Create new and different games


  • Phase 6

    Q4 2024

    -We aim to be better known and make it big over time. We don't stop here


Please do not rely on this information when making financial decisions. The roadmap and its information above is shared in order to outline some of the current plans and best estimates for Gain Pro X. Please note this page is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, and does not serve as a binding commitment.

Ultimately, the development, release, and timing of any feature(s) or functionality are subject to change as agreed upon the developers and/or the community. As pioneers and first movers in the cryptocurrency industry, delays will inevitably occur. Expect milestones to be pushed back or forward.