Wallet Gain Pro X

Installing Wallet Gain Pro X

How to Install gainprox Wallet ?

Download Gainprox QT Wallet

Windows Installer (.exe)

Download the latest gainprox CORE release for Windows, it will end with ““ and extract the zip file and you get file with name “gainprox-qt.exe”

Execute the .exe by double clicking or right click > open.

Wait for gainprox core to fully synchronize. You can hover over GPRX icon at bottom right to see if it is synchronized.

Get Address

After gainprox core to fully synchronize, click Receive and click Request Payment


You can greatly increase synchronization speed by using the bootstraps the gainprox provides. If this is your first time installing the wallet you first need to create the gainproxCore directory.

Unix/Linux/Mac: $HOME/.gainproxcore

Windows: %AppData%/GainproxCore

gainproxCore Security

By default gainproxCore does not encrypt the wallet.dat files, it is very important that you enable encryption on your wallet. Otherwise anybody that has your wallet.dat or access to your wallet can take your GPRX. You should read gainproxCore Security at your earliest convenience.