Gain Pro X Game Highly Scalable, Blockchain Back-End Solution

True blockchain, games and decentralised applications that are highly complex and scale.
Let Earn from game your way!

GPRX is programmable digital money.
It is the native cryptocurrency of Gain Pro X
and powers its decentralized applications.


With a maximum supply of 21 billion, our network generates a block every 120 seconds. Smartnodes will earn 55% of block rewards, Proof of Work 30% and 15% for Team and Play to Earn (10% Team and 5% Play to Earn). Embrace the future of cryptocurrency and gaming with Gain Pro X.


Gain Pro X tries to be the pioneer of Play2Earn Mobile and Desktop, connecting the gaming industry with crypto digital currency. In addition, Gain Pro X provides newcomers with unprecedented opportunities to explore the game and blockchain meets to light up individuals around the world.

Custom Reward and Emissions

Gain Pro X uses a tiered Smartnode collateral and reward system avoiding deployment hyperinflation and a custom reward structure allowing smooth emissions

What is Gain Pro X?

Gain Pro X is a decentralized blockchain, smartnodes, and Play2Earn.

  • It provides a trustless blockchain platform built on top of its own cryptocurrency - GPRX. Individuals can easily operate, playing and earn from game.
  • Powerful Smartnodes run network services. It is the first blockchain secured by a Trustless Proof of Stake consensus, resulting in one of the highest level of security among existing PoS networks.
  • Treasury

    The treasury is a cryptographically sealed public address that holds money allocated to it by the network

  • 21 Billion Maximum Supply.
  • 120 Seconds Block Time
  • 5,000 Block Reward
  • 55% Smartnode
  • 30% Minners
  • 15% Teams & Development
  • Governance

    The Gain Pro X governance is a truly decentralized democracy

  • Gain Pro X is a Decentralized Autonomous Community that is run through unbreakable rules, encoded and maintained on our blockchain.
  • It doesn't have a centralized leader. Instead, there is a management mechanism that takes credit for the needs of all individuals involved.
  • Gain Pro X holders govern the protocol and vote to implement the best possible innovations.
  • Smartnode owners have voting rights — one Smartnode equals to one vote.
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